Recent fashion trends in sunglasses that will turn heads this spring and summer

Sunglasses are never ever out of style. While fashion changes and trends are constantly in flux, sunglasses have been into fashion for decades. This season’s styles for both men and women are a combination of statement accessories, fresh and new looks. The fashions of sunglasses are showing everywhere up everywhere from jewelry to clothing lines to you guessed it, sunglasses. So before you buy men sunglasses or women sunglasses here are few guides for the recent trend.

Women2015 Sunglasses Styles
Women style keeps on getting better and so the coolest accessory- sunglasses. Let’s see what are on the style for sunglasses trends in 2015. According to the experts there are few fun new looks to watch for. Curvy, bubbly shapes are in again. Frames echo 1960s and 1897s style. Studded with Swaovski crystal, a pair of glass pays homage to the most notable Diva. Out-of-the-ordinary designs and detailing, from pavé stones to cat eye frames, are making a splash. Playful patterns like confetti, sparkle, and marble stands out from the crowd. The 2015 Lioness look with 24 karat gold plated acetate is something to roar about. Silver gold or colored mirror lenses are in demand. Color ranging from green, blue, purple to vivid reds and even neon are the latest colors of trends.
Sometimes the minimalist design has caught the eyes of many sunglasses this summer. Lennon shades look great with anything from swimsuit cover-up, to a breezy summer dress without overpowering your face to concealing too much. These attributes help make this style one of the most versatile you will find.

For women who want to stand out from the crowd, these edgy designs are on demand. Graduated color lens and sharply angled designs will simply enhance any women’s style.
Men’s 2015 Sunglasses Style
This seasons eyewear target almost any group of men fashionistas available in all shapes and sizes and colors keeping you glam and trendy. A pair of glass that feature silver mirrored lenses and frames made from blue acetate, crystal acetate and lacquered metal is highly of demand. Bold, geometric, and playfully patterned are the latest trend. The handcrafted frames shades update the classic tortoiseshell pattern by utilizing a dash blue in place of brown with a gunmetal nose bringing the contemporary edge. With a keyhole cut out edge bridge and original arrowhead metal detailing these foldable sunglasses strike the perfect balance between rugged and retro.
If making a big fashion statement and standing out in the crowd is your aim, you can go for any of those extravagant and unique eyewear styles that popular fashion houses presented for the new season. Thanks to the plethora of energizing styles, shapes and colors available, trends target almost any group of fashionisers, who want to protect their eyes from the harmful sun rays in summer, at the same time looking glam and cool. So keep updated for the recent trend with and stay aware of the most direct gateways to stylish and modern looks for any season and any style.

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